Boy Scout Fox Hunt

On 4 October 2014, the GRVARS conducted a fox hunt for the Boy Scout Saukenuk Camporee at the Giant Goose Conservation and Education Center at Atkinson, IL. Over 55 scouts attended from Rock Island and Henry counties, and 17 scouts participated in the fox hunt training. Training consisted of using radio direction finding equipment, compass, and map to triangulate to find the hidden transmitter. Also, Morse code was introduced and the scouts had a chance to practice using a key and code oscillator. This was a learning event on fox hunting orienteering and provided hands-on experience using radio directional finding techniques. After the training, the scouts were divided in teams to find the location of the fox. Everyone had an opportunity to use the equipment and help in the orienteering process during the 1 mile course. After finding the fox, everyone received a certificate of completion for locating the fox transmitter. The weather was windy and cold, but everyone had a good time and enjoyed the fox hunt.